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Scenarios on Android#

With v4 of Student Transfer, the game now finally supports playing scenarios on Android. While a large part of the system remains the same, there are a few peculiarities specific to the Android version which will be explained here.

Installing Scenarios on Android#

Generally, all scenarios that can be installed on the PC or Mac version of the game will also work on Android. However, installing them follows a slightly different procedure due to how Android operates in comparison to more desktop-oriented systems. There are two main ways of installing scenarios which cater for different use cases.

Online Scenario Mode#

With the introduction of scenarios on Android we have also introduced something we call "Online Scenario Mode" (abbreviated OSM). This is basically a service which integrates a simple way of installing a curated set of scenarios via the in-game menu. It can be accessed by enabling Online Scenario Mode in the preferences of the game, at which point a new tab will become available in the scenario menu called Online. It will list all the scenarios that are available and they can be installed by selecting them and clicking the Install button. Nothing more is required. Scenarios showcased in this way are selected at the discretion of the development team, so not all scenarios will be available. However, you can expect scenarios made available through this mode to work and be relatively bug-free, but of course we can't guarantee they will work 100% of the time.

Manual Installation#

While Online Scenario Mode is a convenient way to install a subset of all available scenarios, sometimes you might want to play one that is not featured on OSM yet. It is because of this that we provide support for manually installing scenarios as well. The general process works the same as on the desktop: You download a scenario package, extract its contents and then move the resulting folder into the location where Student Transfer loads scenarios from. The part that's different is finding out where exactly the scenarios folder of the game is stored, as it can vary between devices and flavors of Android. In most cases however, the location of Student Transfer's game files will be something akin to the following:


It is in that folder where you will find several sub-folders, chief among which should be a folder called scenarios. It is that folder where you will have to move your extracted scenario folder to for the game to detect it. All in all, the path to the correct scenario folder should then look like this:


Please take care that the scenario you extracted did not extract into a sub-folder of its own because the game will not be able to detect it in that case. If you have moved a scenario to the correct location and it does not show up in-game, please check whether this is the case first and if it is, move the contents of the scenario up one level.

Generally, the structure within the scenarios folder should look like this:

├── example/
|   ├── story/
|   ├── ... (some more folders of this scenario)
|   └── scenario.yml
├── stuck/
|   ├── story/
|   ├── ... (some more folders of this scenario)
|   └── scenario.yml
└── ... (more scenarios)

Last update: November 9, 2020